Thank you for the great support for 9th Aarhus Kizomba weekend

All rooms except a 4 persons room are now sold out. Find 3 friends and share a room! Book here:
Free parking or Bus 200 directly to Aarhus Hostel (17 min)
Price for the bus is aprox. DKK 15,-

8TH Aarhus Kizomba weekend sold out

There are now sold out at 8TH Aarhus Kizomba weekend. We thank you once again for the great support for our event and promises that you have a nice weekend with lots of good workshops.

Should you be one of those who have missed a pass you can instead consider our New Year event. There are Kizomba both 30. and 31. December 2016:


Kizomba Workshops 30.12.16 med Theodore Awadzi