9TH Aarhus Kizomba weekend -Praktisk info

Aarhus Hostel
Beringvej 1, 8361 Hasselager,
Aarhus, Danmark.

If you are coming by plane to Billund, you can take the airport bus to Skanderborg Station. Change to Bus 200. The bus will stop just outside the Hostel.

If you are coming by train, it is both easier and faster to get off at Skanderborg Station. Change to Bus 200. The bus will stop just outside the Hostel.

If you are driving; Coming from south of Aarhus on E45: When you on E45 get closer to Aarhus, be sure to keep to the right. When the road splits into two (Aarhus syd) follow the signs to 501 Aarhus C-S. Take the exit Hasselager V / Hørning. Then turn right and when you reach a trafic light you turn left. After 100 meters the Hostel will be on your right hand side. If there are no vacant spots in our parking lot, you are allowed to park your car along Beringvej (on the same side of the road as the Hostel).

From Aarhus take Bus 200 (towards Skanderborg). The bus will stop just outside the Hostel.


Arrival / Friday night:
You are welcome from 17.00.
When you arrive, you will find an envelope with your name on just inside the front door. In there you will find the key to your room (if you are staying at the Hostel) and in some envelopes a little note with a small task for the weekend. A task of  no more than 10 minutes work. We thanks in advance.
You will also get your band.

Is included and will be in your room.

Door code:
The front door will be unlocked Friday when you arrive. During the evening/night, it will be locked. The door will also be locked Saturday and Sunday night and you will have to use your door code to get inside. You will find the door code next to the front door.

For those who has a room, you can use the roomkey for the frontdoor.



“Light meal” Friday night
When you arrive there will be a light meal. It is served from 18.00 – 20.00
The meal is served in “spisesalen”. See the floor plan below.


Social dance
In “Opholdsstue”/Social Room there will be social dance. See the workshop plan.

The parties will start in the “sal” but will move to “opholdsstuen”/Social Room during the night to make it more cosy.


None. Just party and dance 😉

We have a bar open in the evening and night. It will offer beer, soda, water in bottles, wine and drinks.

You can pay with cash (DKK or EUR), Visa card and Mastercard.
And mobilepay!
In the bar we can exchange EUR to DKK. Exchange rate is 7,50.

There will be an opportunity for 1/2 hour massage for 200 kr, saturday and sunday from 10-18. If you want to book now please write to annmarihoock@gmail.com. Saturday at 10 are taken. There will be a note on the door of the massage room which is located on the first floor opposite room 1, here you can book massage.
Massage is paid in cash.

You can drink water from the tap in Denmark. In the hallway there is a tap to refill a bottle.

Is only for participants with a room at the hostel and is served from 10.00 – 11.00.
There will be served bread, bacon, eggs, yogurt, muesli etc.

Special food
If you have special food issues, there is a kitchen downstairs free of use. We will make sure there will be vegetarian food and some gluten free and lactose free food. BUT only a little!

Note that coffee is served at breakfast and in the coffee break. Saturday with the dessert. If you want more coffee there is a coffee machine with various coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Price 10,- DKK.

Lunch is served in “Spisesalen” and “Opholdsstuen”/Social Room. We will be many so be patience.
It will be a buffet with various hot and cold dishes.
Then lunch is included in the Full pass and the Beginners pass.

Group Photo
At 13.15 we will meet in the “sal” for a group foto.

At 20.00 the dinner is served in “Spisesalen” and “Opholdsstuen”/Social Room.
Then dinner is ONLY included in the Full pass as we have limited space. It will NOT be possible to add a dinner ticket.

Checkout time is Sunday latest 2 PM. put the keycard in the green mailbox outside the office.

Dinner Sunday Night
Sunday night will be leftovers 😉
Included in the price if you have a full pass

Room Sunday Night
If you have a room in the weekend you can extend you stay until monday to get the maximum out of the afterparty. Price is DKK 200,- per person.
Book the room here: https://kizomba-aarhus.dk/en/product/overnatning-120317/

The afterparty was great last year and this year even more participants are staying the extra night.

Smoking is not allow inside the Hostel. Use the smoking areas.

Private classes
If you want private classes, please contact the instructor directly. There will be a room for it downstairs in the basement. There will be a list on the door so you can reserve the room.