Workshops – 8TH Aarhus Kizomba weekend

Workshopplanen kan downloades som PDF nedenfor.

Workshops 8th Kizomba Weekend

Workshop descriptions

Armanch Saleh
Leading & Following (Beginner): different techniques to handle to become a good leader/follower
Flow (Beginner): How to make the steps and movements flow into each other
Fusion & Urban Kiz (Int/Adv): variating between body connection & distance

Ronie Saleh
Kiz Cool Moves (Int/Adv): How to put spice and fun into our moves
Basic dynamics (Int/Adv): The secrets behind making your basic steps dynamic and variating
Connection & Flow (Int/Adv): How to lead and follow effortlessly. Preleading and Transitions are keywords
Isolations & Blocks (Inter/Adv) (working with movement and breaks simultaneously, without disturbing the dance flow)
Musicality & Mindfulness (Theory + Practice) (2 hours in row) (Int/Adv):
The most important lessons in understanding how we can embody the music and share it to our dance partner, leaders to followers and followers to leaders

Saleh Brothers
Saleh Touch (Int/Adv): it will be a surprice

Miquel & Sasana
Passadas de Kizomba (Int/Adv): A fliud way of dancing Kizomba.
Semba Social (Int/Adv): The tradicional and simple way of dancing semba with everyone.
Kizomba Tarraxada (Int/Adv): The fusion between Kizomba and Tarraxinha.
Semba de Quintal (Int/Adv): The crazy and funny way of dancing Semba.
Kizomba Masterclass – Perfecting the Leading and Folowing as well as body movement.

Maria & Arnold
Sensual Moves (Int/Adv): not everything is tarraxinha – moving slowly, small movements, increasing sensitivity
Semba Basics: Basics steps and flow with the right attitude
Perfect leading (Int/Adv): how to use different leading techniques to create an effortless dance
Musical timing (Int/Adv): How to apply theoretical musicality knowledge into practice.

Kiz Kiz Kizomba – Nina & Hanna
Kizomba Fundamentals (Beginner): The basic in Kizomba

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