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We have created this site to to publicize Kizomba in Aarhus, Denmark.
It can be used for advertising of Kizomba events in Aarhus, but also to draw attention to the Kizomba events elsewhere in the world.

Kizomba is a dance and music genre originally from Angola. The term “kizomba” comes from the linguistic expression Kimbundo, which means “party”.
Kizomba as a dance was born on the 80’s in Luanda (Angola), after major musical influences from Zouk (Antilles) and has its origin on Semba, a popular angolan music style. It’s relevant to say that the big parties between friends were already refered to “Kizombadas” in the 60’s, since at that time Kizomba didn’t exist as a dance or musical genre.

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Kizomba-aarhus updated fore mobiles

We have updated the website making it easy to use on mobilephones.


10th Aarhus Kizomba weekend

10th Aarhus Kizomba weekend… 15-17.3.19 Reserve the dates… Ticket sale start 1.9.18 18.00 More info will follow…


(Dansk) Sommerdans på Bispetorv i Aarhus

Sorry, this entry is only available in Danish.


Kizomba Saturdays and New Years Eve

Event calendar is updated: https://kizomba-aarhus.dk/en/kizomba-events/


9TH Aarhus Kizomba weekend is sold out

It is now sold out to the 9th Aarhus Kizomba weekend. And with a almost 100% equal genders. Look forward to a weekend with a lot of dance … If you would like a waiting list, please send an email to info@kizomba-aarhus.dk Kiz and Hugs Ann-Mari and Michael  


Room 110318 – 9TH Aarhus Kizomba weekend

I you want the full 9TH Aarhus Kizomba weekend, then we have an offer for you… I you already have a room in the weekend you can extend the stay at a price of DKK 200,- . The price include breakfast monday morning. But it here: https://kizomba-aarhus.dk/product/overnatning-110318/ If you live outside Denmark the stay sunday night is already included […]


Brandy and Tahiry will have a workshop at the New Year party

You can find more info about the New Year Kizomba party here: https://kizomba-aarhus.dk/en/aarhus-kizomba-new-year-2017/


New Year 2017/18

Ticket sale for the New Year Party 2017/18 is open. More info here: https://kizomba-aarhus.dk/en/aarhus-kizomba-new-year-2017/


Thank you for the great support for 9th Aarhus Kizomba weekend

All rooms except a 4 persons room are now sold out. Find 3 friends and share a room! Book here: https://kizomba-aarhus.dk/product/9th-aarhus-kizomba-weekend-overnatning/   You can buy passes without accomodation here: https://kizomba-aarhus.dk/product/9th-aarhus-kizomba-weekend-uden-overnatning/   Nearby hotel is Zleep: https://www.zleephotels.com/da/hotel/aarhus/ Free parking or Bus 200 directly to Aarhus Hostel (17 min) Price for the bus is aprox. DKK 15,-


Instructors at 9TH Aarhus Kizomba weekend

Instructors: Miguel e Susana (PT) Ronie Saleh (SE) Armanch Saleh (SE) Theodore Wolashie Awadzi (Theo) (NO)    More info here: https://kizomba-aarhus.dk/9th-aarhus-kizomba-weekend/